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Indigo Digital Print

We understand that not all jobs are created equal. Some require a short run that is needed quickly or materials that require personalisation. For these jobs we use our digital colour presses, which produce high quality results fast and efficiently.

Our digital print offering is an on demand service, which means you can save on monthly print bills and minimise waste or storage problems as you can just re-order without set up costs. We also offer a complete finishing, fulfillment and mailing service, making Park Lane your one-stop shop for all your print jobs.

Our Canon imagePRESS C7010VP machine provides high-speed digital colour with exceptional results. The machine specifications are as follows: Printing method: 4 drum electro photographic Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi with 256 graduations Toner: New V-Toner Developer: New T-Developer Drum: New E-Drum Paper Format sizes: Maximum printable area 325 x 475 Paper weight range 64-325gsm
Digital Print Specifications
As digital printing does not require a minimum print run and has shorter set up times, we can offer this service on demand and deliver a fast turnaround. Also, with the huge range of materials now available for digital printing we can meet our client's needs creatively as well as quickly.
As digital printing goes from strength to strength, more and more compatible materials come to market, giving clients a variety of stock options to choose from. We believe it's important to get the choice of paper or printing materials right, which is why we can send you samples of our stock or offer you a consultation to find the right option for you.

Get in Touch

Whatever your printing needs, Park Lane can help so do give us a call to discuss the possibilities. We also welcome current and future clients to visit for a factory tour and see our samples first hand – we think the experience will speak for itself.

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