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The Environment

Our respect and care for the environment goes beyond just waterless printing. Everything is considered; from the inks we choose right down to how we deliver the finished goods. We take great care in the running of our buildings too. Whether it’s the efficiency of the low energy lighting systems we install or the use of a power perfector to reduce energy consumption. We’ve even fitted a water harvesting system, which reuses leftover water from our equipment to supply our washrooms.

Recycling is also a big part of the day-to-day running of Park Lane – 97% of our waste is recycled with only a very small amount sent to landfill. All these measures, combined with the waterless printing process itself, make us a sustainable and low impact business and trailblazers in our industry. For an up to date copy of any of the certificates, quality policy, environmental policy etc please email [email protected].

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) have awarded us their prestigious Chain of Custody status. This verifies that throughout our production chain, FSC® certified materials have been kept segregated from non-certified materials. As a result, our clients are able to carry the FSC® logo on their printed materials. FSC® Certification C013343. A full product labelling guide can be downloaded below:
The Waterless Printing logo is available to all our clients for use on final artwork. This marque of quality and respect for the environment can also be supported by a statement such as: This brochure has been printed using a lithographic process that eliminates water consumption and the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere.
Waterless Logodownload
Since March 2005 we have committed to only using suppliers providing 100% natural renewable energy. Our current supplier is Ecotricity. Renewable energy suppliers such as Ecotricity use the money their customers spend on electricity to invest in clean forms of energy such as wind, sun and sea power. They also help research and develop more renewable energy sources.
100% Renewable Energy
  Since becoming waterless we have dramatically reduced our water usage by approximately 70,000 litres a year. We also installed a water reclamation system in 2013. This reuses waste water from our factory to supply our toilet cisterns, getting the most out of any water we do use.
Reduced water use
As our waterless machines eliminate the need for Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or special alcohol substitutes, we have reduced  the amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) we release into the atmosphere by 95%. That's a reduction of around 8000 litres of harmful greenhouse gases a year. Now, the only VOC's we use are cleaning solutions and inks.
Reduced solvents
Some waste can't be avoided, so we recycle whatever we can and are always looking for new ways to reuse or recycle more. That includes paper, cardboard, rags, waste ink, waste coater, empty ink tins, empty plastic drums and containers, printing plates, waste oil, plastic packaging and pallets.
Waste minimisation