February 21st 2017 in Technology, Company

The art of mixing ink

Accurately mixing an ink to a specific pantone colour is certainly an art. In this case we are mixing pantone 375 a green. As you can see blue and yellow weighed to the correct proportions should hit the colour correctly, but at Park Lane we also add other colours or additives to make it print better or improve the match to the pantone book. In


February 17th 2017 in Technology

Maintenance is the route to quality

Printing using the waterless process requires the printing press to be maintained to the highest of standards, in order that it can be operated to an expected quality and consistency, which is then translated onto the printed sheet. Today new rollers have been installed in the yellow unit, and the unit is in its final stages of


February 17th 2017 in Company

Lily and Me – Autumn Winter 2017 Collection

This clothing collection is inspired by rural woodlands, landscapes and gardens and the prints are bursting with beauty and the colour of nature.Park Lane Press has had the pleasure of producing the brochures for this brand for a couple of years now.  The quality photography provides an opportunity for us to show what we can achieve on


February 14th 2017 in Technology, Services

Which laminate should I use?

Lamination is a process where a very thin layer of plastic is applied to the surface of paper or card. It helps protect the print beneath.  It is also tear resistant and water resistant. Having materials laminated improves wear and tear in terms of handling, and potential damage from the sunThere are several types of laminate available on the


February 10th 2017 in Company, Services

2017 Calendar

Our 2017 desk top calendar has been distributed and we have had some fantastic feedback. The calendar was printed with 4 colour text and a pantone double hit to the cover and easel, with a anti-scuff laminate to the outer and finished with a gold coloured foil, a truly beautiful piece.After years of producing landscape wall calendars we felt


February 10th 2017 in Environment

Park Lane Installs LED lighting throughout business

Park Lane has installed LED lighting throughout the offices and factory. SMARTech energy consultants used the data collected to produce an energy reduction plan for the business.  This plan identified opportunities to reduce energy consumption considerably at the site with a very quick payback on investment, also make significant reductions in


February 8th 2017 in Testimonials

January 2017 – messages from happy customers

Thanks so much for the samples of the brochure - beautifully printed as always - lovely, rich colours. And thanks for turning it around so quickly Sarah M.The brochures arrived today, they look great. Thank you for seeing this project through. Geoff C.I have just received the printed copies of the brochure and it looks great - thats for