September 16th 2019 in Testimonials, Services

September 2019 – messages from happy customers

Thank you so much for the delivery today. We are delighted with the print quality and the speedy delivery. Really very much appreciated. Katie.DJust to mention, we are very impressed with the Hokusai invites, they look great! Many thanks for your hard work, this is very much appreciated. Sophie.BThey have just arrived - Thank you so much


October 7th 2018 in Testimonials, Services

October 2018 – messages from happy customers

I am writing to you on behalf of Chippenham Christian Fellowship to thank your company and employees for the generous donations we received in terms of items and providing leaflets for our recent Jumble Sale. Thanks to the kind donations we received we were able to raise £950 and the leaflets proved to be instrumental in securing donated items


February 14th 2017 in Technology, Services

Which laminate should I use?

Lamination is a process where a very thin layer of plastic is applied to the surface of paper or card. It helps protect the print beneath.  It is also tear resistant and water resistant. Having materials laminated improves wear and tear in terms of handling, and potential damage from the sunThere are several types of laminate available on the


February 10th 2017 in Company, Services

2017 Calendar

Our 2017 desk top calendar has been distributed and we have had some fantastic feedback. The calendar was printed with 4 colour text and a pantone double hit to the cover and easel, with a anti-scuff laminate to the outer and finished with a gold coloured foil, a truly beautiful piece.After years of producing landscape wall calendars we felt


May 12th 2016 in Company, Services

In The Pink

Its refreshing to see a client use a material that is adventurous, in this case its a cover going off to be foil blocked, the text has a similar colour throughout the document which is printed so I can't wait to see the finished resultThere are plenty of mid-range papers that can add value to a job at a reasonable price, without going to the


May 6th 2016 in Technology, Services

Trouble with Dark Imagery?

The imagery used on this suite of A4 landscape brochures is stunning. Printed using the waterless process with a very heavy ink content (mainly black) throughout provides a real feel of quality.The specification includes soft touch laminated to the outer covers, gold foil and spot UV. The extra embellishments set off this promotional piece for


May 6th 2016 in Company, Services

Paper Prices Due to Increase

In the next week or two paper prices will increase in the region of 6%, this is the first delivery of the paper we have forward ordered - its still not too late for you to order the stock in anticipation of the artwork if it isn't quite ready.Call us to discuss 01225 815