October 3rd 2016 in Technology

Choosing the correct paper for your project.

The world of paper can appear to be quite complicated, dozens of paper names sold by an array of merchants. The aim of this blog is to de-mystify and simplify the choice of papersThe world of paper basically falls into two categories - coated and uncoated. Most paper used in the UK comes from only a few European mills. Merchants sell


May 6th 2016 in Technology, Services

Trouble with Dark Imagery?

The imagery used on this suite of A4 landscape brochures is stunning. Printed using the waterless process with a very heavy ink content (mainly black) throughout provides a real feel of quality.The specification includes soft touch laminated to the outer covers, gold foil and spot UV. The extra embellishments set off this promotional piece for


April 26th 2016 in Technology

The Craft of Mixing Ink

Accurately mixing an ink to a specific pantone colour is certainly an art.In this case we are mixing pantone 375 a green. As you can see blue and yellow weighed to the correct proportions should hit the colour correctly, but at Park Lane we also add other colours or additives to make it print better, or improve the match to the pantone


April 21st 2016 in Technology

The Double Hit

How to get the best out of your 6 colour press.Our 6 colour press has been printing 4 colour process plus  "double hit" with a special pantone blue, to hit a specific colour for the client, who was press passing. We do like press passing, as being able to accommodate our clients like this makes all the difference.The depth of colour


December 13th 2015 in Technology, Services

25 Years of Innovation

Park Lane were one of the first printers in the UK to offer waterless printing. Motivated by finding new and better ways of doing things, we gleaned the knowledge we needed to introduce the waterless process from contacts all over the world for the equipment to build our initial press. This passion for innovation and knowledge continues to drive