May 2nd 2024 in Social, Technology, Company, Uncategorised

Manual Dexterity – do you have it?

Within the busy print room, amongst the noise of the machines there will always be a team of people hand working. Some possess an innate gift, working through tasks with ease, and seem to have been born with a natural knack for intricate work.

Then there are those like me – an office worker, pitching in to meet deadlines with a sense of urgency. I am striving to keep pace with the team, keen not to fall behind under the weight of expectation!

Is manual dexterity solely a product of innate talent, or can it be cultivated through practice and dedication? I think the truth lies somewhere in between. While some may possess inherent abilities, the rest of us can refine our skills through effort and perseverance.

Handwork becomes a rewarding aspect of working in the print room. Its an enjoyable process for a while, simply for the teamwork and obvious banter!