May 14th 2024 in Case Studies, Social, Environment

Waste not, want not

Within our factory, we hold onto a valuable principle: waste not, want not. It’s a mantra instilled in us from an early age, and it rings true today more than ever. Each scrap of material represents potential, and seeing it discarded hurts a little.

Today we folded 12-page sections on our MBO folder for a beautiful PUR book, we encountered a familiar scenario: the last section resulted in only an 8-page, leaving excess material. Although the white paper is being collected in a bin it’s not truly wasted.

With a bit of discipline, we’ve implemented a system to collect this clean, white waste separately. Why? Because every bit counts. Not only does it contribute to our commitment to sustainability, but it also holds economic value. Recycling companies are willing to pay a premium for this material, turning what might have been waste into pound notes.

It’s remarkable how these seemingly small actions can have a significant impact, both environmentally and economically. We’re proud to play our part in minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency. Join us in this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Every little effort helps!