May 12th 2016 in Company, Services

In The Pink

Its refreshing to see a client use a material that is adventurous, in this case its a cover going off to be foil blocked, the text has a similar colour throughout the document which is printed so I can’t wait to see the finished result

There are plenty of mid-range papers that can add value to a job at a reasonable price, without going to the high end paper suppliers, after all once the printer has covered the paper in ink and applied an aqueous seal to the print any reference to the original paper stock can be lost.

Many clients are attracted to off-white papers or cream stocks, these stocks are also sold at a premium. If the time is allowed we can experiment with various tints to achieve the desired colour by printing and can do this with no cost, negating the need for the expensive options.

We regularly print a 3%  tint of yellow to achieve a cream background and can also achieve tints of grey and other specified shades. On occasions we have actually scanned a paper  sample which may have a pattern, and with careful cloning at the reprographic stage achieve an impressive background.

If you would like to see some samples please do email me [email protected]