February 20th 2024 in Case Studies, Company, Services

Celebrating the acquisition of CPC

Celebrating the second-year anniversary of Park Lane’s acquisition of The Complete Product Company!

How time flies! Two years have felt like two months, yet so much has happened during this time. Park Lane, originally a long-standing environmentally friendly waterless printing company, now incorporates the systems and processes of The Complete Product Company, offering end-to-end services in Print, Logistics, Fulfillment, and Stock Control.

We take pride in trading with some of the biggest manufacturing businesses, providing a just-in-time service to complement their products with the necessary print requirements, all done in a sustainable manner using the latest technology to achieve outstanding quality.

Whether it’s packs containing instruction manuals, brochures, labels, and warranty cards picked from our stock and delivered to their plant for packing and distribution every Monday, or a retailer distributing leaflets with viable data pricing supplied to stores within the UK, or bespoke software tailored to suit your needs and dovetail into your systems – Park Lane is here to assist.

We are problem solvers, ready to help you with your jigsaw of requirements for data-driven marketing logistics. Our service fits your picture perfectly, and it can be tailored to meet your needs.

We love a cup of coffee and discussing print. There’s no obligation, and it could be a great opportunity to solve a problem! Give us a call.